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Presented by Confederate Motorcycles

After the rebranding from Confederate Motors Inc. to Curtiss Motorcycle Company, Inc., in June 2018, Curtiss sold the intellectual property rights to the Confederate brands and designs to Ernest Lee. Ernest Lee immediately announced his intention to continue selling the Confederate P-51 Combat Fighter and the FA-13 Combat Bomber through his new company Confederate Motorcycles LLC. Ernest Lee also owns and has personally flown his Confederate P-51 Combat Fighter # 31 over 25,000 miles.

New Confederate.com The website now features new and used Confederate motorcycles, services, parts, clothing and equipment.


Confederate currently manufactures and distributes the G3 P-51 Combat Fighter and the FA-13 Combat Bomber. Each of these motorcycles is a heritage work of art that lives and breathes Confederate ideology.


The P-51 Combat Fighter is available with the 132 cubic inch S&S X-Wedge engine; a choice of two different handlebars; rear, middle or front foot positions; single or double air filters; several anodized Color options; and a solo configuration or more a seat.


The FA-13 combat bomber is available with the 132 cubic inch S&S X-Wedge engine; a choice of two different handlebars; positions of the feet in the middle or forward; and dual stack air filters.


When it’s time to upgrade, Confederate owners get what they paid for their Confederate Motorcycle for a new Confederate Motorcycle of equal or greater value.


The Confederate Refurbishment Program is available not only for the motorcycles that the motorcycle company buys, markets and sells, but also for any Confederate owner wishing to update or redefine their own Confederate heritage beauty.

Factory refurbished used machines offered for sale come with a one-year parts warranty. Many of these motorcycles have less than 500 miles on them and are just looking for a new home after being certified by our technicians.


Confederate offers pickup and delivery service in the United States and maintains relationships with service providers in the United States and abroad to continue to provide the level of service Confederate customers have come to expect.


Equipment that reflects Confederate’s aesthetic will soon be available on the Confederate.com website. Contact the Confederate at 844-448-7132.

Presented by Confederate Motorcycles

Never compromise on passion, intensity, time or money. Specify only the best materials, components, and methodologies. Create an American-style industrial and mechanical design culture. Perfect balance between technology and the primitive. Celebrate American craftsmanship. Promote heritage quality. Decrease the volume.


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