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Harley-Davidson is Google’s most searched motorcycle brand in 83 countries


The headline above is perhaps the obvious statement of the week. You really don’t need statistics to know that Harley-Davidson is an Internet phenomenon: if we don’t know for sure, it’s something most of us feel in our guts. But it’s good to have confirmation every now and then.

Born in 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Harley has become the most popular motorcycle brand of all time. And by success, we don’t necessarily mean the best-selling one, but the one that most people and custom shops on this planet think / dream of.

As of 2017, Harley makes around 240,000 motorcycles each year – most of them remain in stock, but a large chunk of them are sold in the aftermarket as well. Many other Harleys come from unofficial garages, which do custom races and try to attract attention by using Harley parts and putting the name on builds.

And the internet loves them all. According to a study by Australian insurance company Budget Direct, Harley-Davidson is the most sought-after motorcycle manufacturer in many parts of the world.

How many? Well, our world is divided into about 195 countries, and Harley tops the search engine lists in 83 of them. And we mean the biggest, not a forgotten island state.

You can consult the map available in the photo gallery for more details. All of the regions you see in orange are governed by Harley searches, from the United States to the Far East and Northern Europe to the southernmost point of Australia.

There are also other names on the list. In some places people like Ducati or Honda more, so they use Google to search for them. Others go for Kawasaki or Royal Enfield, and there are even some who like to Googling Bajaj.

But a quick glance at the map shows who the real king of the kingdom really is.


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