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Lamborghini family resurrects ISO motorcycle brand for 2021 EICMA


Hang on to your cold brews, because they’re pretty gossip.

Apparently, a third-generation member of the Lamborghini family (Ferruccio Lamborghini) has relaunched a historic motorcycle brand just in time for tomorrow’s EICMA.

The report of EINPresswire tells us that Lamborghini jr. has raced at a Moto2 skill level for years now, with his passion for restoring the griffin’s logo. , sustainability and Italian heritage. ‘

The new face of Iso Motorcycles, created by Feruccio Lamborghini, member of the Lamborghini family at the third barrel

“To accomplish this mission, the owner of the Ferruccio Lamborghini brand has brought together complementary know-how to establish a new trend in electric vehicles with international partners Giken Mobility, a Singapore-based subsidiary of integrated contract maker Giken Sakata, and Kinetic Green, member of the famous Kinetic group in India, owned by the Firodia family ”, comments on the report.

A view of the advertisement ahead of EICMA 2021: new machines from the resurrected Italian brand ISO Motorcycles

Feruccio himself is also thrilled with the anticipation of tomorrow’s festivities at EICMA:

“I am really excited to take on the challenges of a fast growing, cutting edge industry. This project perfectly combines my desire and my intention to build something new from the history of a great Italian company.

“Since my family bought the Iso brand, I have been looking for strong, industry-leading partners with whom to achieve the highest standards in quality, performance and design.

“I had planned to launch the project in Italy, and more precisely, during this special edition of EICMA, to underline the Italian tradition of the brand, because this is where Iso has its roots, and it is where we will start.

Ferruccio Lamborghini, third member of the Lamborghini family, is currently resurrecting ISO motorcycles

The project in question – a series of electric vehicles equipped with both motorcycles and golf carts – will include the Iso Uno-X electric motorcycle, featuring “cutting edge design inspired by racing technology”, as well as a stripped-down chassis architecture, a low center of gravity, a direct belt drive (protecting the mid-engine from vibrations on any topography), and a liquid cooling system that can operate for a range of 130 km per charge, with a maximum speed of 115 km / hour.

The interesting part, however, is in the electronics.

A view of the new motorcycle created by ISO Motorcycles, assembled by Feruccio Lamborghini, member of the Lamborghini family at the third barrel

Giken Mobility’s smart ecosystem allows riders to download an application, where they can “control the motorcycle, check its condition in real time, plan trips, calculate distances traveled and view trip history”.

“At the same time, the app enables real-time data collection for research and development purposes, so that engineers can continuously work on improving the design and function of the bike.”

Let us know what you think of this beast, if you ever wanted to ride a Lamborghini bike… and don’t forget to check out other machines that will be showcased at EICMA as well.

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