PIT loan – can I borrow PIT 36 and 37?

Some lenders minimize the number of documents required – PIT36 or 37 alone is enough to receive a loan. See where you can get it!

PIT loan – what is this loan?

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The beginning of the calendar year allows the borrower to take a quick loan at PIT. For many banks and non-bank companies, this document is sufficient for a company to estimate the creditworthiness of a person applying for a loan. One of the many methods of obtaining financial assistance from loan companies is to obtain a product, i.e. a PIT loan. In the tax declaration, the lender can read, among others information on the source and amount of income, whether it also has the ability to verify the customer’s personal data. This is a huge advantage for borrowers, because in this case they are exempted from providing additional documents, e.g. a salary certificate from their current employer. The non-banking company will additionally verify the borrower in the bases of indebted persons, which will be of great importance for the final decision on granting or rejecting a loan application. In the databases of debtors we will find information on the debt of the potential borrower.

The debtors register is a list of persons who have not repaid their liabilities to a financial institution. Information that can be found in them includes arrears for unpaid phone bills, electricity, water or gas. Currently in Poland, the most popular debtors’ bases are: Credit Information Bureau, Economic Information Bureau, National Debt Register or ERIF. If we are not sure if our name appears in one of the debtors’ databases mentioned above, we can easily verify it ourselves. Just visit the website of one of the institutions and download a free report. For the lender to report our data to the debtors’ database, 60 days must have elapsed since there was no record of repayment. For individuals, the minimum amount threshold that authorizes a non-bank company to report the debtor is PLN 200. Any debtors may request that their data be removed from the databases.

Where is the PIT 37 loan offered?

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Each borrower has access to the PIT declaration, which can facilitate the process of obtaining a loan if a non-bank company or bank considers granting a product, which is a PIT 37 loan. A PIT cash loan is a good solution for people who want to get quick financial help without having to sending additional documents. In most cases, banks offer cash loans for PIT. Less often this type of product can be found in a non-bank company. The borrower will be required to complete the appropriate form and provide basic data that will serve as confirmation of our identity. A PIT loan can be taken out via the internet, which is a big advantage for many people, because in order to get the money needed for a bank account, the borrower does not have to leave the house. After passing the whole process of taking out a loan at PIT, we are waiting for the decision of a non-bank company.

PIT loan online – how to get a PIT loan online?

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An online PIT loan is available for the borrower after completing the application, which is available on the website of the selected non-bank company or bank. In the form, we will be asked to provide our name, address, citizenship or e-mail address. The borrower should also have an active mobile number and own bank account. The company will certainly ask you to verify your bank account in order to confirm your identity and check that the bank account number you are sure is for the person applying for the loan. For this purpose, we will be required to make a verification transfer, in most cases in the amount of symbolic 1 penny. Sometimes financial institutions use fast bank account verification systems, which certainly streamlines and accelerates the decision to grant a loan for PIT. Let us remember, however, that a PIT loan is a periodic product that we can apply for at the beginning of the calendar year. If we have submitted an application, we can wait for a response from the company. After obtaining a positive decision, the money from the loan will be transferred to our bank account. Signing the loan agreement itself can be done electronically or in the presence of a courier who will provide documents to the borrower’s indicated address of residence.

PIT 36 loan – what is worth knowing about it?

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What else is worth mentioning about the PIT loan? Certainly, the PIT loan brings significant benefits. The debt collection process is shortened and formalities are kept to a minimum. Customers who want to take a product, which is a PIT 36 loan, do not have to ask employers to obtain additional documents, e.g. earnings certificates. The PIT 36 form is available to people who meet one of the conditions, e.g. run their own business, paid a tax advance, or have also gained income on the basis of rent and lease. Do you run your own business and need quick financial help? Banks and non-bank companies that grant loans on PIT 36 help with help. The borrower can be people who are of legal age and meet the relevant criteria set by the non-bank company. If we are interested in a PIT loan, we can be sure that if the PIT document is confirmed by the Tax Office, the loan company should have no doubts as to the authenticity of the document.

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