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Stevenage’s classic motorcycle brand celebrated with paint


A manufacturer of antique Stevenage motorcycles was praised by a Local Old Town businesses

Bike Stop situated on High Street unveiled a painting of Vincent’s motorbike inside their store to commemorate the manufacturer who first introduced the bike in The Town.

The Vincent Factory stood in full view of the Thomas Alleyne Academy and made motorcycles from 1928 to 2005. It also included The 1949 Black Shadow which was the most powerful production motorcycle on the market prior to declaring bankruptcy.

Bike Stop Director Martin Brown interviewed Comet to discuss the story of the business as well as new paintwork that was applied to this store.

“Our company has been in operation for nearly 30 years and we’re privileged to be part of Old Town, but what I believe to be the most under-appreciated famous hero that is on High Street is the truly remarkable Vincent Motorcycle,” he declared.

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“In actual fact the factory was operational up to 1955, so there’s an real time and historical significance in this place, about 200m away from the stores.

“The occasion to celebrate the class as well as the quality and style of this company is too attractive to pass by. So I said to the artist that next time I see you I’d like to see a photograph which resembles Vincent, who’s the founder and manager of the store.

“We approached Vincent Owners Club. Vincent Owners Club, they participated in an unveiling ceremony of our artwork. They then took away riding bicycles.

“Getting the chance to take Vincent to visit the location where he was born is a memorable experience. 

Martin said Martin stated the Vincent bikes are now very sought-after vehicles for motorcyclists, and when compared with automakers like Aston Martin.

“Bikes can be amazing collectibles and are usually sold at six numbers,” he added.

“There aren’t many of them however they’re available for a considerable amount.

“They’re well-known because of one factor it’s because they’re British and because they can be extremely fast.

“They have been regarded in the eyes of many”the Aston Martin of the cycling world. British quick record-breaking speed, record-breaking speed. They are also distinctive.

The classic British motorcycle brands like Triumph as well as Norton have returned in recent years and have had plenty of commercial successes. Martin is looking forward to seeing Vincent return.

“Unfortunately, Vincent did not return to his former self.

“A number of the old brands on motorcycles have been revived, but they’re not Vincent but I’m not entirely sure what the reason is.

“It will be great to see them again.


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