Student loan – on what terms can it be obtained?

Student life is not easy. Also if we look at them financially. Studying at public universities, in addition in full-time mode, although usually free, requires some money. Books, courses, workshops, as well as commuting to the university, and finally renting an apartment, pull out several hundred zlotys and more from the wallet monthly. There is a way not to feel the costs of education for a short period of study – student loan.

Banks offer a lot of kind of credit in bed in bed. At Esther Summerson described the financial support already granted to pensioners, entrepreneurs, today the time has come to look at the so-called Student with credit. What is it, how to get it, who exactly is entitled to it, when is it repaid and can it be redeemed? We will try to answer these questions in this text.

Student loan – basic information

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This kind of financial support for the Polish student in yellow was introduced in 1998. According to statistics from the Office of Economic Information in 2016 benefited from it 119,000 persons ó b, spl Latin Bovine this time 275,000 Borrower in. So we see that the credit for a student becomes an increasingly popular way of getting additional Brine O for funding education at university and life in frequently hampered du Gd and demanding sizeable city budget.

Student loans are granted on more favorable than normal terms. Its main task is to support the student naturally in yellow, kt yellow agri cultural family are not wealthy. It has yellow pom c them get an education and keep the adventure during several years at the university. What is its specificity? To pay the interest as it were, makes the state so that the cost og eneralprovisions liabilities are relatively low, and certainly much lower than traditional consumer credit.

Who can get it?

The credit can Æ trying to students of public and non-public universities, learners zar bed NCE in stationary mode and non-stationary (ie. In the day, evening, extramural). Importantly, the money can apply for only those students kt yellow WHO study began before 25 years of age. PhD students from public and private universities can also apply for financial assistance. Provisions introduce another group in the recipient bed.

It’s about students and student ó the National Defense Academy, Naval Academy, the hero in Westerplatte, the Military Technical Academy. Jarosław Dąbrowski and students of the Main School of Fire Service who are civilians.

Main criteria

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There are some specific conditions for granting consumer or home loans. The borrower must go through a series of formalities, provide the bank a lot of certificates and declarations, and above all to meet me ó State criterion of the, in this hold so-called creditworthiness (about how its increasing wrote HERE.

In the case of a student loan bureaucracy is less, but banking institution must maintain strict standards. the primary is the maximum d doch bed for a family member. this amount every year is different, it defines the Minister of Science and Higher Education Regulation. in the academic year 2011/2012 was 2100 zł per person, including a total of net is 2500 PLN.

It currently reaches 0.875%, i.e. half the rediscount rate of the National Bank of Poland bills of exchange. Student or doctoral student funds obtained under the loan can be used … for any purpose. When signing a loan agreement, he does not even have to state what he will spend the money for. These can, of course, be teaching aids, but also things not entirely related to education.


Banks granting loans

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List of banking institutions, re kt yellow are on offer student loan is a picture of yellow yolk. These are: PKO Bank Polski SA, Bank Pekao SA, Bank Polskiej Spółdzielczości SA and all cooperative banks associated with it, and SGB-Bank SA and its cooperative banks. Taking a loan naturally involves setting up a savings and checking account at a given bank. It is worth checking the terms of your personal account before signing.

The basis for applying for a student loan is to submit an application along with proof of income by in the member of the family, certificate university stating that the person trying ca SIU credit is a student, as well as any documents kt yellow’re needed the bank to assess the ability of credit.

It is worth mentioning the sponsor institutions, ó kt ra is crucial when a student loan. In the absence of student repayment, responsibility for the debt will lie with the guarantor. Most often it is someone from family or close friends. However, this person must have adequate creditworthiness. If a student or doctoral student does not have anyone like that, he or she may ask for a guarantee from Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego or the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture.

For how long is the student loan granted?

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Student loan is granted for a period of studies in the bed, but not more than 6 years. In the case of a graduate student in the bed can be extended by a maximum of 4 years. It is paid in monthly installments for ten months of the year (such as the academic year), bypassing the bed d ch holiday months. The borrower has the option of choosing the amount of installments, and hence – the amount of the entire loan. He can apply for 400, 600, 800 or for an increased installment of 1000 PLN. It is important that an increase or decrease in installment can even ask the person who already has a yellow ra credit.


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