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Which motorcycle brand has owners the most satisfaction?


Most of the other satisfaction categories scored close across all brands, with management being the other exception. Can-Am, with its distinctive three-wheeler, was rated as having average handling satisfaction, lower than any other brand. In our experience, Can-Am Spyders lack the natural agility associated with traditional motorcycles. It’s not a bad thing, but the driving experience is quite different. (The new Spyder F3 models aim to address some criticism, by increasing power and agility, and adding more adjustment options for comfort.)

If you are considering a big V-twin or touring bike, it would be wise to take a Victory for a test drive. Victory has not only excelled in owner satisfaction, but the company has also demonstrated reliability, which places it almost on par with major Japanese brands.

For a more diverse model selection, Honda presents itself as a safe choice, performing both in terms of owner satisfaction and reliability.

Regardless of the brand, an important idea from our over 11,000 subscribers who responded is that comfort matters. Be sure to focus on this factor when doing a test drive and, if necessary, explore the handlebar and peg numbering options to improve on the factory default setup. Many motorcycles, especially the newer models, have significant options for such adjustments.

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Jeff Bartlett